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Here are a few photos from various stages in my scientific career

Roosevelt University

With Roosevelt University President, Prof. Chuck Middleton, after receiving the Student Employee of the Year Award (2009)

With my Honors Thesis advisor, Dr. Kelly Wentz-Hunter, and my academic advisor, Dr. Vicky McKinley (2009). 


University of Illinois at Chicago


Project Name


Lunch with the Yue lab members - Xiang Shen, Hongyu Ying, and Dr. Yue. This photo was taken on my last day at the lab (2011).

With Dr. Beatrice Yue (2011).

University of Utah

With my superwomen - Dr. Rana Smalling, Dr. Shrutokirti De, and Dr. Helena Lucente. We met on the first day of graduate school, remain friends to date. 


With my Dissertation Committee members after my Ph.D. defense. From left to right - Dr. Sungjin Park, Dr. Wolfgang Baehr, Dr. Monica Vetter, Dr. Paul Bernstein, and Dr. Megan Williams (2017). 

Indiana University

With Bonanno lab members - Ed Kim, Dr. Diego Ogando, Dr. Shimin Li, Dr. Moonjung Choi, and Dr. Joe Bonanno

Knights Templar Eye Foundation award ceremony (2019)

ARVO 2019 with Diego Ogando and Moonjung Choi

in front of my poster

IU Science Fest 2019 with Team Optometry

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